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  • We Have a Vision of a Bright Future for You

  • Your New Horizon Is Waiting

  • Climb Every Mountain With Mentoring

  • You don't have to climb alone, our mentors are here to help you!


  • You are a Vital Part of an IMPORTANT Investment!



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Welcome to e-CAMP MENTORing

Welcome to e-CAMP MENTORing a Community of Learning and Practice (CLAP), a safe space were we focus on taking youth to the top.  Our mission is Mentoring, Training and Coaching (MTC) Youth for Success. Mentoring is at the centre of all our training and coaching. Our technology provides the features to meet anytime and anywhere with online classroom conferencing facilities.


 Are you interested in starting or improving your own business or even being a business investor?

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 We Have After-School Tutoring, Courses and Enrichment to Meet Your Needs!